How much does a Tenderheart Kennel puppy cost?

Prices are subject to change.

Large breed puppies:                                                           

Labrador Retriever:  $950                            Some of our puppy prices have been discounted.  Text or call to see what we have available                                                                          and their prices!                                  

Siberian Husky:  $800

Golden Retriever:  $800

Small Breed puppies start at $850 for the year 2023 unless otherwise stated.      Check the specific litter page for prices.

What comes with the puppy?

*Registrations papers if applicable.

*Microchip (if applicable) and information to transfer  the chip to your name.

*Health History information.  A list of immunizations and worming given for you to take to your vet on the first visit.

*A toy and a blanket with the litter's scent.  (Not available if shipped by airplane or ground pet taxi)

*A small amount of food to help with the transition to the food you choose to feed your puppy.

*Our contact information and a few bits of information to help with the transition to your home.

*Pedigree if applicable.    

What method of payment do we accept?

We accept the following methods of payment.  Please contact us for the specific information needed to process the payment.


*Cash App

*Cash is always accepted.

*Personal check for the deposit only.  It must be received two weeks before the final payment is due.  

PLEASE NOTE!!  We live in a rural area and do not have good cell service.  There are times that people have trouble accessing their venmo from our house.  Please plan accordingly.

Do I need to put down a deposit for my puppy?

*Yes, we accept $100 dollars for a deposit on the puppy which goes towards the price of the puppy.   

*See the methods of payment we accept above. 

*The order we receive the deposit will determine the order of picking your puppy from the litter.

*A puppy will not be held for a buyer unless a deposit is made.  

*Deposit is nonrefundable unless a problem is discovered during the veterinarian health check.  

So you are going to bring home one of our puppies.  Here are a few things you may want to know or do ahead of time to get ready.  See the links below for information to help you and your puppy with a smooth transition.

Welcome to the Tenderheart Kennel Family Welcome to the Tenderheart Kennel Family. Here is some information you may need once you bring home your puppy. 25.1 KB
Feeding and Water Recommendations (Large Breed) Information Here is some information about what we feed our large breed puppies and dogs. 25.7 KB
Small Breed Puppies and Hypoglycemia Information for our small breed puppy homes. 26.8 KB
Feeding and Water Recommendations for Small Breed puppies Information about we feed our small breed puppies and adult dogs. 26.1 KB