Health and Care of Our Crew

Our Veterinarian Information:

We use Bowling Green Vet Clinic Located in Bowling Green, Missouri for all of our veterinarian needs.  You many contact them at 573-324-3145.  They are located at 1230 US-61 BUS South,  Bowling Green, MO  63334

We encourage you to find a veterinarian you and your new puppy feel comfortable visiting before an emergency arises.  They will help you keep your puppy healthy and up to date on immunizations.  


We feed our dogs and puppies Nutri Source and Tuffy's Gold.  We encourage you to choose a puppy food that has plenty of healthy nutrients to help your puppy grow.  Be careful to follow the directions of the puppy food and/or your veterinarian. 

When you take your puppy home we will send you with a sample of the food he/she is currently eating.  It is important for you to ease your puppy into the new food by mixing the current food with the new food more and more in time until they are only eating the food you have chosen.  

The same is needed for water.  We use well water from our farm.  You will want to use bottled water and gently ease them into the water in your home.  Chlorine in many water systems used in many homes can upset their tummies and cause a poopy mess.


The puppies will be up to date on all the immunizations required while in our care.  You will need to continue the immunization schedule with your vet when they come home with you.  We will provide you with a complete list.  We encourage you to take them with you to your first veterinarian visit.