Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to make an appointment to visit the puppies?

We do ask for anyone that wishes to visit our farm to see puppies to make appointment.  We have a set feeding time and vet visits as well as other chores on the farm.  We also have our own personal lives that includes the normal chores like grocery shopping and watching our kids plays sports.  We are happy to accommodate your schedule as best as we can.

Can we bring our dog with us when we visit/meet or pick out our new puppy?

No.  We do not allow outside dogs or other pets on the farm to maintain the health and safety of our puppies.  

Can we pick up our new puppy before he/she is eight weeks old?

All puppies must be eight weeks of age before they can leave our farm.  It is a state law.  We are licensed by the State of Missouri and we must follow the laws.  

I cannot pick up my puppy on the day it turns eight weeks of age.  Can you hold it for a couple weeks?

Large breed puppies are ready to become part of your family by eight weeks of age.  They are ready to create that bond, learn the routine, and start learning commands.  The sooner they join your family at eight weeks the better.  We understand there may be circumstances that prevent you from picking them up right away.  We will discuss that on a case by case basis.  It may incur additional fees due to vet visit needs or other worming/immunizations needs.  It may also depend on the length of time needed to stay with us to cover our expenses.  

Can you send me photos/videos of my puppy?

Yes, we will try to send you pictures of your puppy often.  The puppies do not change much until they are two weeks old when they have their eyes open and are moving around.  After that we will try to send them about every two weeks.